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Thermoplastic polyolefin(TPO) waterproof membrane

Thermoplastic polyolefin(TPO) waterproof membrane

◆ Description
Thermoplastic polyolefin(TPO)membrane is based on poly propylene and Ep (ethylene-propylene) rubber polymerized together by using state-of-the-art polymer manufacturing technology. this technology enables tpo membranes flexible at low temperatures without the use of polymeric or liquid plasticizer.
◆ Application
1. Roof construction and steel structure of both industrial and civil engineering.
2. Underground engineering, such as subways, tunnels, air Raid shelter, etc.
3. Sewage treatment, dam, reservoir and basement, grain storehouse, etc.
◆ Features
1. Excellent performance in aging resistance, service life of 20 years for exposed use, and 50 years for non-exposed application.
2. High puncture and rooting resistance, especially suitable for planting roof system.
3. Easy installation and hot-air welding seam, environmentally.
4. High tensile strength and elongation, size stability.
5. Good plasticity convenient for detailing and corners treatment.
◆ Size
◆ Construction Guidance
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