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Polyvinyl chloride(PVC) waterproof membrane

Polyvinyl chloride(PVC) waterproof membrane

◆ Description
polyvinyl chloride(Pvc)waterproof membrane is a kind of polymer compound waterproof membrane, composed of compound polyvinyl chloride colophony plasticizer, stabilizing agent, ultraviolet radiation(UV) resistance agent and all kinds od dyes and other agents. Products include three types: non exposed(Pvc H), exposed(PVC L), reinforced(PVC P)
◆ Application
Widely used on the building roof, underground, tunnel, dam, pool, sewage treatment works, garbage disposal facilities Can be used all kinds of roof and underground waterproof.
◆ Features
1. High tension perfect elongation perfect heating resistance.
2. Perfect jointing cab be fused with a base as a hole after heating joint.
3. High permeability, chilling material and moisture cab be expelled easily.
4. High aging resistance, UV resistance, corrosion resistance and erosion resistance.
5. Good cold flexibility.
6. Long time service life can reach 50 years with no pollution.
◆ Size
◆ Construction Guidance
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