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Polymer modified cementitions(JS) waterproof coating

Polymer modified cementitions(JS) waterproof coating

◆ Description
Product is composed by two component (liquid and powder). The liquid component comes from the mixture of acrylic acid and silicon co-polymerization emulsion polymerization adding a variety of additives by foreign technology. the powder component is a kind of inorganic powder from the mixture of raw waterproof material this is a new type of waterproof material with high flexibility strength, water resistance.
◆ Application
Mainly used at interior wal, roof, road insulation underground, washroom kitchen, swimming pool and so on.
◆ Features
1. This product takes the acrylic acid and polymerization silicon co-polymerization emulsion as the latest tight vanguard technology to improve the ability of water resistance.
2. Take water as the dispersion medium, no-toxic, harmless to the environment.
3. Paint film have high elasticity and tensile strength, water resistant and weathering resistance.
4. Can be used in many kinds of basic place, wet and dry basic place both are suitable to construction.
5. Easy construction to reduce construction time.
◆ Package
20kg/drum, or customized as required
◆ Dosage
Recommended dosage: 2.5kg/m²▪mm
◆ Storage
The temperature from 5℃ to 40℃ , valid time is one and half a year.
◆ Construction Guidance
1. Mix the fluid and powder component together according to the percentage.
2. First put the liquid component in the barrel then pour the powder and then mix two component by stirrer.
3. The first coat surface drying time is 4H, the temperature lower, the time longer.
4. When the first coat is dry, start the second coat until achieve the required thickness.
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