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Single-component polyurethane(PU) waterproof coating

Single-component polyurethane(PU) waterproof coating

◆ Description
Product is a moisture-cured waterproof coating, form a seamless film by absorbing moisture from the air; with high flexibility and elongation, strong ability to substrates deformation, waterproof life up to 15 years.
◆ Application
Product is widely used in industry and civil building waterproofing; specially suitable for waterproofing of non-exposed roof basement, toilet, swimming pool etc.
◆ Features
easy construction directly construct on the humid substrates saving time.
No pollution, no methyl benzene, no coal tar.
Strong adhesion with concrete wood, glass, metal etc.
Cold resistant and heat resistant.
◆ Construction method
◆ Package
25kg/drum or customized as required
◆ Dosage
Recommended dosage: 1.65kg/m².mm
◆ Storage
Should be stored at cool, dry and ventilated place; open storage and stacking are strictly prohibited; storage temperature no higher than 40℃, storage period within 6 months.
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