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Spray grade rubber asphalt emulsion coating

Spray grade rubber asphalt emulsion coating

◆ Description
Spray grade asphalt rubber emulsion coating is made from exquisitely refined asphalt that is emulsified with cia yancj water As water based flexible emulsion. It is specially designed for adhering and coating existing smooth surfaced roofs The emulsion is sprayed onto the substrate using special equipment and reinforced with fabric that is simultaneously which will dramatically improve tensile strength of cured emulsion.
◆ Application
Used for waterproof and dam-proofing to the express way, viaduct bridge airport, railway, large scale plaza, parking lots, industrial and residential buildings.
◆ Package
200kg/drum, or customized as required
◆ Dosage
Recommended dosage: 1.8kg/m².mm
◆ Construction Guidance
1. The substrate must be intact, dry, clean and smooth, remove dust, dirt ans other contaminants that would interfere with a good bond.
2. Using low air pressure to spray proper quantity of emulsion to act as primer, the coverage is 150-200g/m²
3. Processed with next coat 1 hour later after the primer become fully cured(the time depends on climate)
4. The second coat can be sprayed only when the first coat become fully, cured and ensure each coats thickness to be uniform ans the surface to be smooth.
5. Prohibit walking onto the film within 4 hours after finishing spraying, it will take about 24hours to be thoroughly cured (depends on ambient climate)
6. Horizontally and vertically move the spray gun at appropriate speed till the thickness meets requirement.
7. Do not apply the emulsion onto water-immersed substrate and rainy day.
◆ Storage and transportation
Storage temperature shall be from 5℃to 40℃, protect products from direct exposure under the sun or the rain storage period within 6 months under normal condition.
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