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HDPE high polymer self adhesive waterproof membrane

HDPE high polymer self adhesive waterproof membrane

◆ Description
multi-layer composite: high density polyethylene(HDPE)film, high polymer adhesive layer, and unique process reaction-type inorganic polymer particle; high-quality raw material: with high density polyethylene resin as the raw material, mixing inhibitor,antioxidant, UV absorbent, stabilizer and other functional materials, and adopting international advanced injection molding and rubber mixing technology. High adhesive strength: adopting macromolecular binding material and pre-processing quartz material for strong adhesive strength with concrete.
◆ Application
High polymer self adhesive film waterproof membrane is specially designed for underground waterproofing. Thus, it is applicable to underground structures or tunnels, rather than exposed walls or roofs of ground structures.
◆ Features
1. Easy construction, Lower level requirement, save construction time.
2. High peeling strength in long tern immersion environment.
3. Organically combine with concrete to prevent water infiltration clearance.
4. Don t need protection layer, directly bonding with pouring concrete.
◆ Size
◆ Construction Guidance
1. Cleaning substrate make the substrate smooth.
2. Laying waterproof membrane.
3. Steel banding and pouring concrete.
◆ Storage transportation
Different types and sizes of materials shall be stored separately, keep in sequence and avoid mess: Store materials in dry and ventilated condition, protect from sunshine, rain or other extreme environment Storage temperature shall be less than 45℃, the max height of stack is 5 layers Prevent squeezing against membranes during transit provide cover on top if necessary.
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