In the myth of "Nuwa mending the sky", the sky that Nuwa mends was the sky above her head, and the ground she supported was the ground under her feet. She sacrificed herself to create a world in which human beings can live in peace, reflecting the fearless arrogance Courage and selfless dedication. Nuwa culture is to inherit this spirit, take Chinese culture as the essence, take Chinese culture as the background, and bring the beautiful pursuit and unremitting efforts of our Nuwa people to jointly create a better tomorrow.
【a goal】:The world's leading waterproof solution provider.
【two purposes】:Waterproof makes life better, Nuwa makes waterproof more secure.
【Three strategies】:Make top waterproof products intelligently; rank among the forefront of the national industry; build a giant ship of international enterprises.
【four spirits】:Pioneering, hard work, truth-seeking, innovation.
【Five ideas】Business philosophy:It starts with user needs and ends with user satisfaction.
       management philosophy:People-oriented, excellence, innovation and development, vigorous and resolute.
       Service philosophy:With my sincerity and patience, you can rest assured and feel at ease.
       construction concept:Standardized design, careful construction, strict supervision, and professional services.
       technical concept:Extensive observation and about taking, thick accumulation and thin hair.
【six slogans】:Be a first-class employee, do first-class performance, use first-class technology, create first-class products, apply first-class management, and create a first-class enterprise.