1. Sales managers/salesmen in various regions of the country (number of people)
(1) Responsibilities:
  1. Responsible for the specific work of the development and maintenance of agents and customers in the area under its jurisdiction.
  2. Responsible for project information collection, screening and tracking.
3. Responsible for accurate reporting of product plans.
4. Responsible for product arrival acceptance confirmation.
5. Responsible for dunning due accounts receivable.
6. Do a good job in the adjustment and handling of conflicts and disputes with customers and projects.
7. Cooperate with the provincial and district managers to do a good job in market promotion and brand promotion.
  8. Complete other tasks assigned by the provincial manager.
(2) Qualifications:
1. College degree or above, with sales experience in building materials industry (sales experience in waterproof industry is preferred).
2. Have independent market development and customer development capabilities, strong communication skills, and ability to tackle key problems.
3. Familiar with business and operational processes.
4. Proficient in sales management, business negotiation, business etiquette, market development, and customer maintenance.
5. It is a priority to have fixed sales channels and human resources.
2. Inspectors (number of people)
(1) Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for incoming raw material inspection, production process inspection, and product outgoing inspection.
2. Responsible for the recording and processing of various inspection results.
3. Complete other tasks arranged by department leaders.
(2) Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, chemical work experience is preferred.
2. Strong understanding, analysis, communication, coordination and learning ability.
3. Proficiency in using office software and basic measuring tools.
4. Work rigorously and seriously.
(3) Working place: Panjin Headquarters Production Base
3. Contact information
Telephone of Human Resources Department: 0427-6577559
WeChat: 7130619