The group has signed annual supply contracts with a number of high-end brand raw material suppliers, and the two parties have long-term cooperation to establish a stable and friendly cooperative relationship. Shop around, compare quality from superior to superior, to ensure high-quality, timely and adequate supply of raw materials. There are 5 raw material storage tanks in the factory, with a storage capacity of 5,000 cubic meters; the storage capacity of the group's warehousing company reaches 28,000 cubic meters; the huge storage capacity makes the product quality more stable, the cost is reduced, and it is less affected by the market price. The finished product storage warehouse adopts advanced three-dimensional shelves to realize modern warehouse management, which can meet the storage of 3 million square meters of coiled materials.
Liaoning Nuwa Waterproof Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group, has the first-class qualification of national waterproof, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation, has professionally trained waterproof construction team and rich waterproof construction experience, adopts modern waterproof construction equipment, and the construction process is completely standardized. Standardization of construction management improves construction efficiency, shortens construction period, and has traceability in later management; standardization of construction technology makes construction operations unified, appearance beautifies, and meets relevant specifications and quality requirements.