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Nuwa has developed from a small enterprise into a well-known enterprise in the domestic waterproof industry. To sum up, today's achievements are long-term adherence to the business idea of ​​taking the brand as the life, innovation as the carrier, and corporate culture as the soul. As a result, more and more dealers have recognized, recognized and recognized our brand through our professional and careful service for more than ten years. In order to expand a larger market space, we sincerely recruit agents to share the Nuwa platform to create a better tomorrow.
01 Cooperation and sharing platform
Brand sharing: Nuwa's accumulated cost in the market in the past 16 years has reached tens of millions of yuan.
After establishing a good brand effect, we can not only provide dealers with better products and more professional services, but also give the dealers who sell the Nuwa brand the greatest degree of authorization. In the next 10 years, we will increase brand promotion and promotion efforts, continue to accumulate leading advantages, and establish a more complete brand sharing mechanism with customers.
Resource sharing: The production and technology center is the external window of the company, and professionals will lead customers to visit and explain; product performance and construction technology will provide customers with the most satisfactory services.
02 Basic principles of cooperation
Hand in hand, win-win cooperation: Nuwa attaches great importance to establishing long-term cooperative relations and works closely with partners
To open up the waterproof market. Provide innovative and pragmatic construction solutions to market users. Continuously improve customer satisfaction. Our Nuwa always cherishes channel resources and grows together with partners. We provide customers with advanced technology, products and services.
1. We share the huge development opportunities of the collaborative market with our partners;
2. We share products, channels and customer resources with our partners;
3. We work with our partners to provide customers with first-class products, solutions and services, and continue to inherit the power of synergy.
03 Cooperation requirements
1. Agree with Nuwa's marketing concept and marketing model, and promise to abide by the rules and regulations of Nuwa's market actions;
2. With independent legal personality, Taiwan-French business license, sufficient capital reserves and business scale;
3. Have a good reputation and goodwill, long-term development vision and professionalism, and maintain the company's image and interests;
4. Possess entrepreneurial enthusiasm and modern marketing awareness;
5. Familiar with the local market, have customer resources and marketing network, have strong market development ability and management ability, as well as new product market development experience, market development and action ability;
6. Have a stable team.