QQC-001 Speedmaster SBS Elastomer Modified Asphalt Waterproofing Membrane

product description QQC-001 Super SBS Modified Asphalt Waterproofing Membrane is a SBS elastomer-modified asphalt waterproofing membrane with excellent performance supervised by the Research Institute of Tsinghua University on the basis of the introduction of asphalt modification technology from Canada FT Company and the combination of years of construction experience by Nuwa Group. coil. product category According to the upper surface isolation material, it is divided into: polyethylene film, fine sand, mineral pellets; The surface isolation materials are divided into: polyethylene film, fine sand; According to physical and mechanical properties, it is divided into type and type 1I. Note: Fine sand is mineral particles with a particle size not exceeding 0.6mm. Standard sizes Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm; Width: 1000mm; Nominal area: 7.5㎡, 10㎡. technical parameter  Executive standard: GB18242-2008 "Elastomer Modified Asphalt Waterproof Membrane". serial number project index I II PY 1  Soluble content (g/㎡)≥ 3mm 2100 4mm 2900 5mm 3500 2  Heat resistance (℃) 90 105 No running or dripping 3  Low temperature flexibility (℃) -20 -25 No cracks 4  Impermeability ( 30min ) 0.3Mpa 5  Pulling force ( N/50mm ) ≥500 ≥800 6  Elongation (%) ≥30 ≥40 7  Oil permeability (number of sheets) ≤2 8  Thickness of asphalt coating on the lower surface of the coil (mm) ≥1.0 9  heat aging  Tensile retention rate (%) 90  Elongation retention (%) 80  Low temperature flexibility (℃) -15, no cracks -20, no cracks  Dimensional change rate (%) ≤0.7  Mass loss (%) ≤1.0 10  Seam peel strength (N/mm) ≥1.5 11  heat aging  Exterior No slip, run, drip  Tensile retention rate (%) ≥80  Low temperature flexibility (℃) -15, no cracks -20, no cracks  Note: When used in underground engineering, the water impermeability of the coil meets the performance requirements of 0.3MPa, 120min. Features 1. Good gum elasticity Super SBS coiled material is made of high-quality Liaohe oilfield asphalt with rich asphaltene and low wax content, adding SBS, SBR, IR, BR various rubber modifiers, fine colloid, good elastic recovery rate, up to more than 90%. Ordinary SBS coils are not comparable. 2. High soluble content The measured value of the soluble content of the Speedmaster SBS coil can reach more than 3200g/m* (4mm), which exceeds the highest national standard by 10%. The excellent soluble content can provide super aging resistance and long service life of the material. 3. Extra large pulling force The tensile force of Super SBS coil can reach more than 1000N/50mm, which can well resist the damage of "zero extension fracture" to the waterproof layer, prevent the crack from expanding, and better exert the extension characteristics of the material. 4. Super long elongation The maximum peak elongation of Speedmaster SBS membrane can reach more than 50%, which can resist the deformation, settlement and vibration of the base layer, and ensure the integrity of the waterproof layer. 5. Strong impermeability The measured value of the impermeability of the Super SBS membrane can reach 0.5MPa, and the impermeability of 120min is 1.5 times that of the national standard. It can effectively resist the hydrostatic pressure and prevent the water from destroying the waterproof layer under the driving of the hydrostatic pressure. 6. Super peeling The peel strength is more than 2 times that of ordinary materials, which can significantly improve the full viscosity ratio of the coil and the base layer, solve the problem of easy water channeling of the waterproof layer, and ensure the integrity and compactness of the waterproof layer. 7. The process is safer Speedmaster SBS coil material adopts hot melt welding, which can realize self-adhesion of body glue, which is the most reliable construction technology, and automatic climbing welding technology is the highest level in the welding process. 8. Extraordinary durability The Speedmaster SBS coil uses SBS thermoplastic elastomer as the main modifier, which can form a rich network elastic structure, and the molecular structure is stable. After being exposed to high temperature and sunlight, the molecular structure will not be rearranged. Therefore, the Speedmaster SBS coil The material is not deformed at high temperature, and not brittle at low temperature. The material has super anti-aging properties such as ultraviolet resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and the waterproof layer can be used for more than 30 years. In an environment that is isolated from oxygen and ultraviolet rays, its life span can reach 100 years, and the waterproof layer and the building h




QQC-001 Speedmaster SBS Elastomer Modified Asphalt Waterproofing Membrane

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