QQC-090 tile partner non-slip self-adhesive waterproof membrane

product description QQC-090 tile partner non-slip self-adhesive waterproof membrane is a self-adhesive waterproof material specially developed by Nuwa Group for sloping roofs. High-quality self-adhesive as the bonding material. The polyethylene film produced by FlexTex has excellent thermal stability, two-way tear resistance and high elongation, that is, it has the performance of ordinary covering materials, and also has a certain waterproof function. It can meet the construction needs of sloping roof projects. Seven advantages Advantage① Imported from abroad, from Canada FlexTex Company Advantage ② High-strength laminated high-density polyethylene film Advantage ③ Has excellent thermal stability Advantage④ Two-way tear resistance Advantage⑤ High elongation Advantage⑥ With waterproof function Advantage⑦ Special embossing process, excellent anti-slip function Standard sizes Thickness: 1.5mm, 2.0mm; Width: 1000mm; Nominal area: 20㎡, 30㎡. technical parameter  Executive standard: GB23441-2009 "Self-adhesive polymer modified bitumen waterproofing membrane". serial number project PET I II 1  Tensile properties  Pull force/ ( N/50mm)≥ 150 200  Elongation at maximum tension/%≥ 30  Asphalt elongation at break/%≥ 150  phenomenon during stretching During the stretching process, there is no separation between the asphalt coating and the membrane before the membrane breaks 2  Tear strength of nail rod/N≥ 30 40 3  heat resistance 70℃ sliding no more than 2mm 4  Low temperature flexibility/℃ -20 -30 No cracks 5  Impermeable 0.2MPa, watertight for 1 20min 6  Peel strength/(N/mm)≥  Coils & Coils 1.0  Coils and Aluminum Sheets 1.5 7  Water tightness of nail rod pass 8  Oil permeability/number of sheets ≤ 2 9  Stickiness/min ≥ 20 10  heat aging  Tensile retention rate/% 80  Maximum elongation at the most tensile force/%≥ 30  Low temperature flexibility/℃ -18 -28 No cracks  Peel strength of coil and aluminum sheet/(N/mm)≥ 1.5 11  Thermal stability  Exterior No bulging, wrinkling, sliding, flowing  Dimensional change/%≤ 2 Features 1. Nail hole self-locking: The glue has good sealing performance and can tightly wrap the nail head to prevent rainwater from leaking from the nail hole; 2. Double waterproofness: The rubberized asphalt self-adhesive layer can provide excellent waterproofness and adhesion, and the high-strength laminated polyethylene film can provide the second waterproof function, and has superior tear resistance and puncture resistance; 3. Excellent adhesion: Using high-quality formula, the glue has super strong adhesion, which can be closely attached to the base of different materials; 4. Safety and environmental protection: The product can adhere to the base itself, which is safe and environmentally friendly; 5. Excellent extensibility: Strong adaptability to base expansion or cracking deformation; 6. Convenient construction: The excellent anti-slip function can not only ensure the safety of personnel during construction, but also improve the bonding force between the coil and the protective layer, so as to better meet the construction needs of sloping roof projects. Scope of application It is widely used in non-exposed roofs of various buildings, waterproof construction before roof tiling, and moisture-proof construction of underground and indoor projects; especially suitable for various types of sloping roof bases such as concrete and wood structures. Construction method The construction follows the requirements in GB50693--2011 "Technical Specifications for Slope Roof Engineering". Construction by sticking method. That is to say, on the dry, flat and dust-free base layer, first apply the base layer treatment agent, after drying, peel off the isolation film on the self-adhesive surface of the coil, and directly bond with the base layer.




QQC-090 tile partner non-slip self-adhesive waterproof membrane

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