NWT341 Anionic emulsified asphalt

product description Based on petroleum asphalt, it is a relatively stable asphalt emulsion formed by dispersing equipment in anionic composite emulsifier solution. product category Products are divided into two types according to their performance: Type I and Type II. Features ●Water emulsion type, non-polluting, non-toxic, no peculiar smell; ●Increase the bond strength between the coil and the base surface; ● Safe construction and simple operation. Performance [Execution standard Q/LNW0005-2016 "Anionic Emulsified Asphalt"] serial number project Technical indicators I II 1  Solid content/% ≥ 20 15 2  Viscosity (Coated with 4-Viscometer, 25"C, pore size 4mm) /S ≥ 5 3  Water separation rate: After 3500r/min, 15min, the volume of separated water phase accounts for the percentage of sample volume/% ≤ 25




NWT341 Anionic emulsified asphalt

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