Recent market analysis of polyurethane industry



Last week, the domestic BDO market trended loose, and the focus of discussions generally declined. In the face of the market atmosphere in this dilemma, the on-site trading operations became more light, and the spot market small order acceptance negotiations were adjusted to around 13,600-13,900 yuan / ton, and the focus was close to low range. At the end of this week, new orders are being negotiated in various downstream fields. Among them, the PTMEG market is expected to be more ideal under the positive atmosphere of the unified increase in spandex, and more sorting operations appear. However, the PBT and GBL markets are in weak demand, and the raw material market is even more down. Under the constraints of the current situation, it is difficult to be optimistic, so there is no expectation of improvement in the BDO market demand. In the supply-side market, supply changes are limited, and it may only increase unabated. The focus of discussions is expected to be adjusted slightly. It is expected that the domestic BDO market will continue to run weakly this week. It is not ruled out that the high range offers will decrease and low-price negotiations will be conducted. reproduce.
In the morning, the BDO market in South China opened in a bleak atmosphere. Only orders were executed on the market, and there were few inquiries. There has been a decline before, but overall little has changed. At present, the bulk water acceptance negotiation in the field is around 13,700-13,900 yuan/ton, and the barreled supply is around 14,500-15,600 yuan/ton.