Why should the toilet and bathroom waterproof be 1.8 meters high?



This mainly considers the safety and overall waterproof effect of the toilet and bathroom waterproof. Generally, the shower or sprinkler is installed at a height of about 1.8 meters. If the waterproofing is low, the long-term spraying will cause water to penetrate the wall, which will cause the wall to become mildewed, the wall decoration coating or the surface brick to peel off, etc., so that the waterproofing cannot be achieved. Effect. In principle, the non-shower wall can be 30mm, but in order to strengthen the waterproof effect, we uniformly make it 1.8 meters high, and the cost does not increase much. In addition, for the light body wall and self-built light body wall renovated in the toilet and bathroom, it is recommended that the waterproof height be at the top.